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Industrial Enclosures
NC98WM 19" Wall Mounting Cabinets :
Wall mounting cabinets specially designed for smaller networks and structured cabling components. Available in single or hinged double units.

Selrack make Industrial Grade Enclosures are primarily for applications wherein sensitive electronic and computer equipment such as PC’s need to be protected under harsh factory, plant or other shop floor environments. These enclosures are generally custom designed keeping in mind the specific user needs. Some of the salient features of these enclosures are :-

Dust and Moisture Proof :
The enclosures are provided with special purpose sealing gaskets which can control or even eliminate dust and moisture ingress which may interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment within. It is possible to guarantee protection against dust and moisture to the relevant protection category IP 54 or higher.

Robust Design :
Enclosures are designed and built to withstand unfriendly shop floor conditions, rough handling, vibrations, etc.

Thermal Stability :
Some of the production processes result in heat generation which causes a higher ambient temperature, e.g. a forging shop or foundry process or even plastic injection moulding. In such conditions, it is very important to maintain a steady temperature in order that the safety and reliability of the electronics is not hampered. Enclosures are therefore provided with failsafe, built-in cooling systems that ensure forced circulation and exhaust of air inside the enclosure. This helps achieve temperatures inside the enclosure within permissible limits. In extreme cases, enclosures can also be provided with heat exchanger or air conditioner for effective thermal management.

Durability :
Since the enclosures are supplied in powder coated finish after undergoing an extensive 10 tank pre-treatment, phosphating and finally an oven baking process, durability in terms of weathering effects, corrosion, etc. is guaranteed.

Safety :
Proper earthing/grounding, etc. is provided inside the enclosure which eliminates electrical safety hazards and other associated risks.

Security :
The enclosures have a high quality locking system to guard against the possibility of unauthorized access.

19" data racks19" data racks

19" data racks19" data racks

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