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networking racks
Networking Racks
In networking racks we offer following :

1. Open Racks
2. Closed Racks
3. Wall Mount Racks

a. Single Section
b. Double Section
c. Side Openable

Network Rack are  amnufactutred for applications that requires large no. of network equipments like hub, switches , routers  & bundles of cable s to cascade  down either side or both sides of rack rails  and still maintain the security and mangeablity.

The vertical rack rails  are mounted on a chnnel that allaows them to slide left to right and front to back . Our design facilitates 4”-6’extra space for bulk cabling , which is good for SUN & Cisco switches that have bulk cables coming of the the front toward one or both sides.

With Information Technology gaining prominence across all walks of business, reliable Network infrastructure has become a critical issue for all organizations. Large businesses like Banking and Finance, FMCG Companies, Pharmaceutical companies, Manufacturing Facilities and Distribution networks depend largely on their Local and Wide Area Networks to achieve global competitiveness and supreme operational efficiency.

Typically, the data centers house the Networking switches, Routers and Servers hosting a wealth of information for the respective organisation. Our Server and Network enclosures and workstations allow these components to be optimally organized in the data center. The enclosures allow to utilize the data center space vertically , offer reliable power supply outlets for all components mounted and establish a secure environment to operate. The enclosures come in various sizes to suit the exact nature of requirement. The trays and shelves offer tremendous flexibility to host non-rackmountable equipment.

While the cooling fans control the temperature within the enclosures , the castor wheels allow the enclosures to be easily relocated. With an optional facility to share Keyboard, video and Mouse amongst multiple servers , the enclosures are an absolute necessity for data centers.

19" data racks19" data racks

19" data racks19" data racks

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